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Malta Teqball Association Officially recognized under the VO

We are so happy to confirm that Malta Teqball Association has been recognized and registerd under the Voluntary Organization Office.

Malta Teqball Association is the Official National Federation for Teqball in Malta.

It is based in Birkirkara. The Organization is autonomous, independent and based on the principle of volunteering. It excludes any promotion of private interests and is not established for the scope of profit.

The Organization is an apolitical and non-confessional association which aims to promote, to organize, to regulate and to spread of Teqball among all people, all disabilities. Its structure is based on egalitarian criteria, aiming to guarantee the right to take part in the Teqball sport practice to all its members, in condition to equality.

Having satisfied the Commissioner for Voluntary Organizations that it qualifies in terms of Article 3 of the Voluntary Organizations Act (Chapter 492 of the Laws of Malta), Malta Teqball Association has been enrolled as a Voluntary Organization and its name has been entered in the Register of Voluntary Organizations with the identification number VO/2093.

The Organization is henceforth eligible for the privileges granted to voluntary organizations in terms of Article 4 of the said Act. In terms of Article 4 (7) of Act, all persons to whom this certificate is provided are requested to provide the Organization with full recognition of its status as a voluntary organization compliant with all provisions of the applicable law.

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