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Established in March 2017, the Fédération Internationale de Teqball (FITEQ) is the governing body presiding over teqball and para teqball. With its offices based in Lausanne (SUI) and Budapest (HUN), the sport has enjoyed rapid growth over the last few years as a result of increasing athlete participation, a growing fanbase and the development of strategic partnerships.

GÁBOR BORSÁNYI – President & Co-founder of teqball

Gábor is the President of FITEQ representing and leading the Federation as well as the development of the sport of teqball. Gábor is the creative force of the Teq Team. He is a former professional football player, who retired at a young age. Sport has always been his passion and he came up with the idea of teqball, the cleanest form of football. 

GYURI GATTYÁN – Vice President & Co-founder of teqball

Gyuri is an international businessman, who is responsible for teqball’s business strategy. He is the founder and owner of Docler Holding, but he is also known for being a producer and the benefactor of several charities. Today the Docler group employs over 1000 people worldwide, with offices in Los Angeles, Hong-Kong, Luxembourg and in Budapest, Hungary. He recognised the value that a new sport could give to the world.

VIKTOR HUSZÁR – Chairman & Co-founder of teqball

Viktor is the scientific mind in the Teq Team. His primary role is to ensure that the Executive Board is effective in its task of setting and implementing the direction of strategy. He is a football loving computer scientist, who put the engineering resources behind the Teqball & Sqiller project. He is the former president of the Football Club of the Budapest University of Technology & Economics.

MARIUS VIZER JR – General Secretary

As general secretary, Marius is integral to the professionalisation of FITEQ, with the Federation seeking to continue its global growth. He has extensive experience in sports administration, having also worked in a number of senior positions across a variety of different sectors. Marius also speaks English, French, German, Italian, Hungarian and Romanian to a professional level.

MATTHEW CURTAIN – Sport Director

Matthew Curtain is the sport director of FITEQ. His primary role is to manage and deliver the Federation’s international sport governance, management, operations and events strategy. He has extensive knowledge of designing sports programmes, and has vast experience in developing and delivering innovative athlete-driven sport frameworks, qualification systems and medal-event gender equality strategies.

What we do

We drive the ambitions of teqball, believing that the sport inspire people of any age, ability, gender or culture. Our dedicated team aims to offer youthful and innovative sporting activities with competitive spirit in mind.

Set against recent accomplishments, FITEQ seeks to continue to grow and develop teqball globally by expanding its National Federation framework and its competition portfolio at a rapid pace, with specific focus on teqball becoming an Olympic sport. FITEQ is primed for action and is looking forward to an exciting future built on great optimism, great ambitions and great partnerships.

FITEQ is responsible for:

  • government and management of teqball at the international level;
  • development and promotion of teqball globally
  • the codification of the official rules and regulations of teqball;
  • supporting the establishment of National Federations;
  • education and development of athletes, coaches and technical officials;
  • sanctioning national and international competitions and events;
  • establishing and maintaining world-ranking statistics;
  • governance, management and development of para teqball.

Fiteq values


On and off the court, respect is a central value of FITEQ. Respect for the game, diversity, players, opponents, officials and supporters underpins the essence of FITEQ. As players are at the centre of the game, their health and welfare needs to be respected. FITEQ is administered by a wide range of people, so it is essential that a collaborative dynamic is created which is respectful of everyone involved in the game. Acknowledgement and appreciation of diversity is encouraged across the Federation.


In all dealings FITEQ strives for equity, consistency and fairness in the treatment of others and in decision-making. FITEQ will deliver competitions under the laws of teqball in an honest and transparent manner and be accountable to all members of the Federation.


Teqball brings out a passion in people and FITEQ will encourage and nurture this passion in players, supporters and administrators so that it impacts the game and all involved in a positive manner.


Only sports which are fully inclusive can be embraced globally and FITEQ is committed to ensuring teqball is available to all levels and abilities throughout the world.


Ambition is the earnest desire of achievement and FITEQ embraces this and aims to help members achieve all their ambitions, irrelevant of size or importance.

Fiteq vision and mission

To enable every person to participate in teqball and to allow all involved to reach their full potential, whatever level that might be, and to inspire the world through sporting success.

FITEQ’s primary mission is to introduce, promote, foster and develop the sport globally and unite the international teqball community.

FITEQ aims to provide an innovative and exciting sport for people all over the world to enjoy, whether playing, officiating, coaching or spectating. FITEQ seeks to achieve its goals whilst maintaining its core values of respect, integrity, passion, inclusion and ambition.

International Recognition

FITEQ strives to achieve recognition by the global sporting community and to ultimately have teqball officially recognised as an Olympic sport.

The recognition process is already well under way with FITEQ successful in achieving official recognition by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) in August 2018, and the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) in June 2019. FITEQ became Full member of GAISF and AIMS in 2020!

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